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Michael Eichholz

Doctoral Students

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Jasmine Weber-Pierson

B. S. 2019 SUNY Geneseo

M.Sc. 2021 Linnaeus University

Thesis: Potential exposure of mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) to agricultural pollutants in Europe: an investigation of mallard space use, utilization of the agricultural landscape, and potential exposure to pesticides

Advisors: Mariëlle van Toor and Jonas Waldenström

Research: Habitat use, competition, distribution, and their management implications for the three species of geese found in Illinois

Dr. Michael Eichholz


Avian and Wetland Ecologist, Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab

Professor, School of Biological Sciences


B. S. 1990 Southern Illinois University-Carbondale


M. S. 1996 University of Alaska Fairbanks

Thesis: Body size, individual quality, and regulation of incubation in Black Brant.

Major Advisor: Dr. James Sedinger


Ph. D. 2001 University of Alaska Fairbanks

Dissertation: The implications of agriculture in Interior Alaska for population dynamics of Canada Geese

Major Advisor: Dr. James Sedinger


Alexander Glass
Alex Glass


B. A. 2012 Eckerd College


Research: Grassland community responses to vegetation structure, patch size, and management actions

Master's Students

Blake Baum


B. S. 2019 Southern Illinois University


Research: Landscape characteristics and raptor abundance influences on Northern bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) winter survival and habitat selection in Southern Illinois

Christopher Gilbert


B. S. 2018 University of Maine, Orono


Research: Investigating the effects of non-consumptive recreation on the distribution, abundance, and behavior of non-breeding waterfowl

Benton Hendrickson
Ashlee Minor
Ashlee Minor


B. S. 2009 Southeastern Louisiana University


M. S. 2014 Nichols State University

Thesis: Forested freshwater wetland responses to secondarily treated municipal effluent discharge

Major Advisor: Dr. Aaron Pierce


Research: Influence of landscape and vegetation cover on breeding bird productivity and community ecology in the Prairie Pothole Region

John O'Connell
John O'Connell


B. S. 2005 University of Miami


M. S. 2008 Florida Institute of Technology

Thesis: Otolith microchemisty and otolith morphometrics of juvenile tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) collected from sites in Florida and Grand Cayman

Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Shenker


Research: Estimating wetland inundation extent and patterns in Illinois

Ben Hendrickson


B. A. 2016 University of Missouri-Columbia


Research: Abundance, and habitat selection of breeding Mississippi kites (Ictinia mississippiensis) in southern Illinois

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