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Former Students 
(Click on underlined names for more information about corresponding research projects)

Caleb Crawford

  • M.S. 2021

  • Project: Influence of land over on northern bobwhite home range and survival at multiple scales in southern Illinois

  • Farm Bill Biologist - Pheasants and Quail Forever

Ethan Dittmer​

  • B.S. 2020

  • Project:  Evaluating hunter use and satisfaction at Oakwood Bottoms Greentree Reservoir

  • M.S. Student: University of Arkansas at Monticello 


Kendra Slown Loubere

  • M.S. Student 

  • HDMS Data Specialist - Arizona Game and Fish Department

Luke Fara

  • M.S. 2018

  • Thesis: Migration patterns, habitat use, prey items, and hunter harvest of long-tailed ducks (Clangula hyemalis) that overwinter on Lake Michigan

  • USGS Biologist


John Lindstrom

  • M.S. 2017

  • Thesis: Effect of habitat management on dabbling ducks during spring migration in southwestern Indiana

  • Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Biologist

Doug McClain

  • M.S. 2016

  • Thesis: Response of cavity-nesting birds to aquatic macroinvertebrate availability in the Cache River watershed, southern Illinois

  • Waterfowl Biologist: Ohio Division of Wildlife

Kevin Sierzega

  • M.S. 2016

  • Thesis: Factors influencing avian habitat selection between oak-hickory and mesic forests in Southern Illinois

  • Natural Areas Preservation Specialist for IL DNR


Ben Lewis

  • M.S. 2015

  • Thesis: Determining food resources for American black ducks wintering and spring staging on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

  • Waterfowl Project Leader for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries​


Adam Behney

  • ​​​Ph. D. 2014

  • Dissertation: Foraging behavior of ducks during spring migration in the Wabash River Floodplain

  • Avian Researcher for Colorado Parks and Wildlife


Ryan O'Shaughnessy 

  • Ph. D. 2014

  • Dissertation: Factors determining habitat selection by spring migrating waterfowl along the Wabash River, Illinois

  • Post-Doctoral Research Scientist at Borderlands Research Institute for Natural Resources Management


Luke Hawk

  • M. S. Student

  • Sage Grouse Technician

Rich Schultheis

  • Ph. D. Student

  • Migratory Bird Specialist with Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism


Ryan Haffele

  • M. S. 2012

  • Thesis: Nesting ecology of ducks in dense nesting cover and restored native plantings in northeastern North Dakota 

  • Wildlife Biologist for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Darin Grulkowski

  • M. S. 2010

  • Thesis: Macroinvertebrate and habitat associations in a rehabilitated Illinois River floodplain: Swan Lake, Illinois

  • Environmental Specialist for University of Iowa


Adam Phillips

  • M. S. 2010

  • Thesis: Mute swan impacts on native waterbirds and submerged aquatic vegetation in Illinois

  • District Wildlife Biologist for IL DNR


John Dassow

  • M. S. 2010

  • Thesis: Upland-nesting ducks in the parklands of Saskatchewan: the effect of predator reduction on nest success and reproductive investment


Amanda Mcleese

  • M. S. 2008

  • Thesis: Examining cost effectiveness of actively and passively managed wetlands for migrating and wintering waterfowl in southern Illinois

  • Environmental Consultant at HDR Engineering


Jay Hitchcock

  • M. S. 2008

  • Thesis: Diet of spring-migrating waterfowl in the Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes region

  • Wildlife Biologist at White River National Wildlife Refuge


Dana Varner

  • M. S. 2008

  • Thesis: Survival and foraging ecology of interior trumpeter swans

  • Ph. D. Auburn 2013

  • Science Coordinator for Rainwater Basin Joint Venture


John Severson

  • M. S. 2007

  • Thesis: Wetland habitat enhancement and shoreline stabilization using riprap breakwaters on Kinkaid Lake in southern Illinois

  • Currently pursuing Ph. D. at University of Idaho


Randy Smith 

  • M. S. 2007

  • Thesis: Evaluation of waterfowl habitat and spring food selection by mallard and lesser scaup on the Swan Lake, Illinois habitat rehabilitation and enhancement project

  • Wetland Program Manager with Illinois Department of Natural Resources


Mike Sertle

  • M. S. 2006

  • Thesis: Nesting success, gosling growth, and adult body condition of giant canada geese (Branta Canadensis Maxima) in southern Illinois

  • Regional Biologist with Ducks Unlimited


Eric Lindstrom

  • M. S. 2005

  • Thesis: Examining postovulatory follicles of post-breeding mallards: implications for estimates of breeding

  • Government Affairs Representative with Ducks Unlimited

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